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Riesling and Shiraz Museum Vertical Tasting Packs

We have opened the O'Leary Walker Wines cellar and dug out some exciting museum stock for you to compare and enjoy.

This rare opportunity allows you access to back vintage wine, for you to discover how the seasons and age change the flavour.

Choose from our Vertical Riesling or Vertical Shiraz 6 packs, with limited stock available just in time for Christmas.

Our Vertical Tasting Riesling 6 Pack includes 6 vintages of our Watervale Riesling:

For $210 you will receive:

1 x 2017 Watervale Riesling

1 x 2018 Watervale Riesling

1 x 2019 Watervale Riesling

1 x 2020 Watervale Riesling

1 x 2021 Watervale Riesling

1 x 2022 Watervale Riesling 



Our Vertical Tasting Clare Valley Shiraz 6 Pack includes 6 vintages of our Clare Valley Shiraz for you to compare and enjoy.

For $240 you will receive:

1 x 2012 Clare Valley Shiraz

1 x 2013 Clare Valley Shiraz

1 x 2014 Clare Valley Shiraz

1 x 2015 Clare Valley Shiraz

1 x 2016 Clare Valley Shiraz

1 x 2017 Clare Valley Shiraz