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2022 Vintage Wrap with David O'Leary

From powerful regional expression to interesting vintage comparisons, winemaker David O'Leary reflects on the 2022 vintage season:

"The famous 2002 vintage had an almost identical growing season to the 2022, with the same rainfall in January and March and similar temperatures - 30 days above 30°C versus 35°C for January, February and March, and a mean average temperature of 27°C versus 28.4°C. 

This all means a longer, cooler ripening period, with more flavour development over time and beautiful natural acidity. The 1 percenters all add up!

Many of the wines express beautifully which region they come from and their individual micro climates. This year's Polish Valley Rieslings are super, with talc, bath powder and lovely minerality.

Our 2022 Watervale Rieslings are looking excellent too, with powerful lime and great length.

The reds again have great colour and a typical juicy sweet palate - there's some great examples that will be good for drinking early and some for the cellar. They have one thing in common though - flavour and character."

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All images courtesy of Nadinne Grace Photography.